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How long and wide are our lashes?

Which type of glam Lash name


 (Inner corner-Middle-Outer corner)

Band width
Natural Glam Baby Doll 8mm-10mm-8mm 3.3cm
Natural Glam Alluring Angel  6mm-12mm-12mm 2.8cm
Natural Glam Glam Girl 7mm-13mm-9mm 3.4cm
Natural Glam Sweet Honey  7mm-13mm-13mm 2.8cm
Classic Glam Blinky Belle 6mm-13mm-13mm 2.9cm
Classic Glam Boss Bae 7mm-13mm-13mm 3.0cm
Classic Glam Lush Obsession 7mm-14mm-14mm 3.1cm
Classic Glam Pretty Princess 7mm-14mm- 9mm 3.3cm
Classic Glam Lavish Look 10mm-15mm-13mm 3.4cm
Dramatic Glam Bad & Boujee 9mm-16mm-11mm 3.4cm
Dramatic Glam Party Queen 10mm-16mm-10mm 3.4cm
Dramatic Glam Galactic Sparkle 11mm-16mm-13mm 3.4cm
Dramatic Glam Saturday Zest 12mm-16mm-16mm 3.2cm
Dramatic Glam Fun & Festive 12mm-16mm-16mm 3.3cm
Dramatic Glam Dazzling Diva 10mm-16mm-16mm 3.9cm
Dramatic Glam Imperial Glow 10mm-17mm-17mm 3.4cm


Where are you based?

We are based in Sydney, Australia.


Australia Shipping

Parcels are dispatched within 48 business hours. Standard domestic shipping takes about 3-6 business days. Express posts take about 1-2 business days. Parcels are trackable on Australia Post website. Due to COVID-19, orders could experience shipping delays.


International Shipping

NZ: Standard: 8-13 business days; Express: 5-8 business days.

US: Standard: 10-15 business days; Express: 7-10 business days.

UK:Standard: 10-15 business days; Express: 6-13 business days.

China: Standard: 20-25 business days; Express: 15-20 business days.

Singapore: Standard: 5-10 business days; Express: 2-5 business days.


model wearing Lush Obsession

model wearing Lush Obsession 

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