What are some fashion and makeup tips for a hazel brown-eyed girl?

Face :

  • Moisturizers maybe skincare but never apply make-up without a hydrating moisturizer.
  • Since you’re a beginner, use tinted moisturizer or BB cream over it.
  • If you’re confused on the type of moisturizer or BB cream you need, just go over to Sephora, and ask one of their staff members for a recommendation.
  • If you prefer doing it online, just do some basic research on the lines of ‘Best tinted moisturizer for *insert skin type*
  • That’s all you need for starters :)

Eyes :

  • If you’d like to only add eyeliner on the top lid, use a kohl pencil (The one you have) and make a line.
  • If you’d like to add kohl, just use the one you have or get a basic kohl pencil (The Stila kohl pencil is highly recommended)

Lips :

  • Start easy. Start with a mauve, dusty rose or nude lip colour. (Sure, if you prefer a punchier pink or red, go for it! The kind of lipstick you pick is important though :)
  • Buy a lipstick/ tinted lip balm that glides over your lip easily, so that you don’t have to go over the hassle of lipsticks that don’t try well, lipsticks that leave too large a stain etc.

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