Good Care Of Lashes Tips

  1. Don’t touch the water in the first 6 hours after grafting, this because the glue has not solid and will turn white or the lashes fall off if touched by water.

  2. Don’t do yoga, sauna such easily sweat activities.

  3. Using non-oily cleanser. The glue meets oil is easily be dissolved and caused the lashes falling off.

  4. Don’t cause a burden to lashes when washing face. Don’t rub lashes, cleaning the upper eyelid with fingers.

  5. Don’t look directly into your eyes in the shower. Strong water pressure can cause lashes to be out of shape and fall off early. Hold water in the palm of your hand or gently rinse it over the sink.

  6. Gently wipe away the moisture from above the eyelids after washing face. Be careful not to let the fiber of the towel catch your lashes, using a hair dryer to dry any remaining moisture, or use a napkin to blot it out.

  7. Using a soft eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner. When using eyeliner, if you choose a hard pen or eyeliner cream, friction eyelash root, will cause a burden, easy to fall off.

  8. It is better not to use eyelash creams, especially waterproof eyelash creams. Because eyelash creams discharge can cause a tremendous burden to grafting eyelash. If you must use it, it is recommended to use mascara for eyelash extensions.

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